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Wedding and Honeymoon - Photos from our wedding as well as our honeymoon in Cairo
Tyra, our daughter - Photos from the first days of our daughters, Tyras, life
Vacation in Barcelona 2006 - Photos from our weekend in Barcelona
Vacation in New York 2005 - Photos from our vacation in New York in the summer of 2005
Vacation in London 2004 - Photos from our vacation in London in the summer of 2004
SÖV - Svenska Österbottniska Vinsällskapets hemsidor
My publications - Comprehensive list of my publications
My software - My published software presented with screenshots
My CV - My complete Curriculum Vitae

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23 June 2007 : Homepages refurbished.
The look of the pages have been given makeover using CSS3.
18 June 2006 : Our daughter, Tyra, was born on 10th of June.
See this page for more.
1 March 2006 : Homepages officially moved to server.
At the same time a major overhaul and update has been done to the pages.
14 July 2004 : Homepages officially moved to server.
Due to my leave from the university I had to move my pages to another server.
27 October 2003 : Major page update.
The homepages has been changed to use CSS for formatting.
25 February 2003 : Server name change. is now called
20 September 2002 : Japan visit picture page introduced.
Pictures and descriptions of my visit to Japan for a conference and a workshop.
15 July 2002 : Conference and vacation 2002 page introduced.
Pictures and description of my visit to Barcelona and Granada on that page.
08 May 2002 : Counters installed.
The fancy PHP driven counters are installed on the home and software page.
03 May 2002 : Announcing new homepage.
I'm happy to announce my new homepage, it should be much better organized then the old one and is based on PHP.

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