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My publications

This is a collection of my refereed scientific publications.

Note that all publications are copyright to some publishing company; you are not allowed to republish any part of this material in any context without permission from the publisher.

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List of publications with abstracts

Strain-induced Kirkendall mixing at semiconductor interfaces

K. Nordlund, J. Nord, J. Frantz and J. Keinonen

Mechanism of electron-irradiation induced recrystallisation in Si

J. Frantz, J. Tarus, K. Nordlund and J. Keinonen

Upper size limit of complete contact epitaxy

K. Meinander, J. Frantz, K. Nordlund and J. Keinonen

Mechanism of Co nanocluster burrowing on Cu(100)

J. Frantz and K. Nordlund

Burrowing of cobalt nanoclusters in copper

J. Frantz, K. Nordlund and J. Keinonen

Evolution of Cu nanoclusters on Cu(100)

J. Frantz, M. Rusanen, K. Nordlund and I. T. Koponen

Low energy deposition of Co on Co islands on Ag(100) : Effect on submonolayer growth

J. Frantz, M. O. Jahma, K. Nordlund and I. T. Koponen

(C) Copyright Jonas Frantz, 2003